Buddhism and Science

By Jingpa Lodu

I happened across these movies on YouTube a few days ago, I was taken aback at the beauty of the videos, and the quality of the work done. His explanations are well researched and he takes you on a journey that I hope you will enjoy.

Where Science and Buddhism Meet Part 1
Where Science and Buddhism Meet Part 2



Realizing Ordinary Mind

By Jingpa Lodu

Found this wonderful video and had to share it, so liberating and informative.

Patrick Sweeney continues his beautiful discussion of nondual consciousness, the nameless, effortless, self-liberating quality of awareness in which all distinctions between self and other, this and that, inside and outside fall away completely, leaving only the brilliant clarity of this very Moment, exactly as it is.

Although this “Ordinary Mind” is and always has been the ever-present condition of consciousness, the separate self somehow rarely seems to notice that which it always already is—in fact, it is fair to say that the majority of our actions and intentions as human beings are in avoidance of this simple recognition, with all its ego-shattering implications. However, we have all experienced this radical One Taste many times in the course of our lives, if even for the briefest of moments.

Patrick mentions accidents, orgasms, and death as typical moments of spontaneous and profound realization, but these experiences tend to occur whenever the normal continuity of life becomes suddenly disrupted—during which people tend to report radically altered states of experience, including a sense of time dilation, an overwhelming feeling of peace or oneness with the world, and everything simply becomes much more vivid, vibrant, and present.