Chakras At Work

By Jingpa Lodu

Do you ever close your eyes and feel your body with your mind? Do you ever just rest in a chair, or in bed, and move your intention, your observation, you in to different parts of your body? Try it. For a moment close your eyes, breathe deeply, hold it for longer than you normally would and then slowly exhale.

Now move your concentration into your right hand. Notice it. Give your right hand your full and utmost attention, maybe for the first time ever.

What do you notice? How does this feel? Is it strange and foreign?

Your hand is a part of you, it is you, but it is not where your brain is housed, not where your mind lives. But you were just in it. With a wholeness that you may have never known before your hand was all that there was of the essence of you.

Feel the energy of the universe moving inside of your body, through it, over it, with it. From your root chakra to the crown chakra, you are alive with boundless energy, knowledge, love and compassion.

Do this exercise with your extremities, and then once you have felt your being move into new parts of your body, do this same exercise but this time place your intention, concentration and attention outside of your body. Your mind is limitless and eternal.

Know this.